Singer Media At Your Fingertips, Anywhere

Between touring the country to speak at seminars and doing his weekly teleconferences, we realized there is not enough time for Dr. Singer to see everyone looking for his help. To help make his strategies more accessible to our clients, anywhere, anytime, we created the Client Media Center. This is an online resource full of videos, recorded teleconferences, downloadable documents and other promotional material as well as the latest schedules for client-related events.

Our updated Client Media Center was launched in June 2014. Since then the reception has been very strong. Now organized in a much easier to navigate structure, mobile-friendly and with a search function, all so you can easily find your media quickly and easily on any device!

The videos have been so helpful in training my staff. I can rely on the videos to educate them which saves me a lot of time.

R.J. Chiropractor

Videos 124

Audio Files 31

Documents 195

Posters 48


There are MANY videos ranging from Dr. Singer demonstrating the Four Day Report of Findings or Primary Script to CA Training videos on how to answer the phone. With over 100 videos you can find the answers you are looking for.

Recorded Teleconference

We hold about 15-20 client-only teleconferences every month covering topics on weight loss, billing codes you may not be using and even some acupuncture-specific calls. In case you missed the call, the recordings are saved on the Media Center.

Downloadable Documents

Use our resource of premade posters, forms, questionnaires, exam procedures, marketing samples and more. Our database has over 150 files that you can use in your office and they are just a click away.

Sample Videos

4 Day Report of Findings - Purpose

Dr. Singer and Christina Alexander introduce the 4 Day Report of Findings and why it is organized the way it is.

How to Use Our Non-Profit Foundation

Dr. Singer discusses why he created the Foundation for Wellness Professionals and how you can use it get new patients and build your reputation.

Stress, Adrenal Glands and Your Patients

Find out how stress and overall health can be tied back to overworked Adrenal Glands, what can be done about it and how you can boost your income with this solution