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Put Together the Pieces to Boom Your Practice and Much More!

These unique services are are addressed to individual doctors experiecing a less than optimum practice.

These are targeted services that get to the root of the problem and resolve it FOR GOOD!


Practice Accelerators

Purpose Booster

Purpose is the driving force that gives strength and direction to what we do. In dealing with the day-to-day problems of running a practice, that purpose becomes weaker, thereby making the problems seem larger. Eventually, the problems will overwhelm the purpose, leaving the doctor hopeless.

Keys to Success

This program shows you how to implement three basic tools that will put order and sanity into how to manage an office and control your staff with less effort.

This two day, intensive program will put you more in control of staff production and behavior. You will learn the tools necessary to grow a business without confusion and chaos. You will learn tools to improve production, handle non-producing staff, know who to keep, who to fire, when to hire, what jobs need to be done and by who.

This program will also show you how to I.Q., Aptitude, and Personality test potential employees so that you can get staff who will help your practice grow.

Staff Efficiency Program

Discover a system that trains your employees so you don't have to.
What if you had to hire a new assistant, Case Manager or Marketing Director? Do you have to take the time to train them and then hope they stick around long enough to make the "training time" worth while and can actually perform the duites of that position? Or do you just "accept the fact" that good help is hard to find? Here's an easy way to wash away the troubles of hiring and keeping a good staff member.

The Staff Efficiency Program gives you the step-by-step guide and a foolproof system of staff training so that you do less "baby-sitting" and are able to put more attention on marketing and expanding into the community In fact, this program even gives you the tools to train someone to do the marketing for you!

The Staff Efficiency Program is a complete plan designed to stop the revolving door and put you in control of building a reliable team that will help you skyrocket your practice into the next stratosphere!

Retention Mastery

The Retention Mastery Program is designed to raise your skills at presenting treatment programs and collecting cash to an entirely new level.

Power Boost

The Power Boost Program addresses two zones of practice:

• The first is how to be able to delegate to others and free yourself up.

• The second is the ability to stay in the future and lead the team on actively continuing expansion!

The Masters Club

This exclusive “hands-on” sessions are high-impact and focus on executive and management skills, enabling members to better achieve their specific practice goals in the shortest time possible.

Executive Skills Internship

The Executive Skills Internship is a three-day consulting program in which the consultant comes into your practice observing the office in operation, interviews your staff and then works hand-in-hand with you and your staff to correct the exact problems that have held you down. Not only will you and your consultant find and “debug” the reasons your practice hasn’t been flourishing, you will also get a yearlong plan to stabilize your practice and keep it growing.

Get your practice humming like a finely tuned swiss watch with the help of our advanced services.

Call 1-800-326-1797 and ask for Hugh to get more information on any of the above services.


Is it for you?

Have you hit a “ceiling” in your practice that you can’t seem to get above?

Do you spend too much time trying to “get things under control” and not enough time treating patients or getting new patients?

Are your staff and patients running you rather than you running them?

Is it taking longer than you want to expand your practice?

Do you have great practice expansion ideas that never seem to get implemented?

Does it seem like your practice never quite “gets off the ground” and you are not sure why?

Do you have the tools of adminstration in your practice?

Have you experienced any of the following phenomena:

• Difficulty Following Through

• Small Comfort Zone

• Explains Away Failures

• Procrastination

• Letting Self Be Stopped

If any of these statements ring true, then you need to contact the Advanced Services Consultant.

The Advanced Service Consultant will help you to ascertain which areas of your practice are giving you trouble and where you may need help.

Receive an exact questionnaire to help you isolate the exact reasons things may not be where they could be.

Contact Your Registrar Today!


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