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Singer System Seminars

The Singer System of Practice Success is here to help you achieve your personal and practice goals through more systems of success than you ever thought would be available to you. Think of the Singer System as the missing part of your chiropractic education that can build the practice that you always dreamed about.

You will learn proven, workable skills that will help you expand your practice by getting more new patients, having better patient retention, and staff management and efficiency giving you a stress-free environment to practice in.

Every practice is different. Your program will be contoured to your needs. You can do as much or as little as you want. All that matters is results, and your coach will work with you to do whatever is appropriate to reach your goals in your practice.

This System is the Missing Part of Your Chiropractic Education

Here’s what you get with the Singer program:

Seminar Training

  • Weekend seminars throughout the country for the doctor, spouse and all office staff, with a complete set of agenda notes.
  • Unlimited attendance at any and all seminar city locations where the agendas are delivered.
  • National Conventions held in Chicago, New Jersey, San Francisco and Los Angeles with a variety of accomplished speakers on various interesting topics, on which they are considered an expert within their fields.

Teleconference Coaching

  • As you know, David Singer Enterprises prides itself on being the nation’s leader on practice building. Our mission is to help competent health care providers reach levels of success never imagined. In an effort to assist you, we have introduced the ABC model of practice.

    In this model: A – represents new patients, B – retention and C – collections.

    In order to achieve your practice dreams, it is imperative that you address all of these points, especially your weakest as it is the one that is holding you back from achieving your full potential. When you attain balance in your ABC’s, your practice will become profitable, stress free and tons of fun.

    With this in mind, we are extremely excited to announce that we have released a revolutionary training method. Each month we will feature exact procedures addressed to each of these areas as well as the hidden factors to success. Each week one of these subjects will be covered as follows:

    New Patient Ideas for the month.

    Retention System

    Insurance Collection

    The Hidden Factor – Purpose!

    That’s 4 separate teleconferences per month!!

    Each teleconference will be approximately 30 minutes and will be focused on very specific steps to move you into your dream practice. A link to these conferences will be emailed to you so you can listen if you missed it or if you wish to hear it again. They will be recorded and you and your staff can listen as often as you want for up to 30 days.

Additional Teleconference Training

  • Weekly teleconference training calls, led by top Singer clients to train you on topics such as:
    • Public Speaking /Outside Lectures
    • Wellness Screenings
    • Primary Script
    • In-Office Workshops
    • CA Training
    • Marketing & Coaching Weight-Loss
    • Clinical Aspects of Weight-Loss
    • Proper Insurance Billing & Coding
    • The Four-Day Report of Findings™
    • Implementing Nutrition in your Practice
  • These are live, interactive teleconferences where you can get valuable information as well as personalized help.
  • Recordings of these live teleconferences are also available to listen to within 60 days of the live call.
  • Online downloads of earlier teleconferences to listen to on your computer, iPod or other MP3 player.

Staff Training

  • Teleconference training is available for both Front Desk CAs as well as PR (Marketing) CAs, led by some of the top CA instructors in America. These are live, interactive teleconferences and are available weekly, depending on the speaker.
  • CA Training break-out sessions are also available at some of the seminars for a nominal fee for clients.

On-Line Resource / Training Center

  • With the click of your mouse, you will have complimentary access to the Online Resource / Training Center, where you will be able to download virtually unlimited audio & video trainings, scripts, procedures and other valuable tools to help you implement.


  • Success In Practice Essentials manual, with all of the basic systems and procedures to successfully implement the Singer Systems, including:
    • Achieving Success in Practice
    • The Primary Script
    • Foundation for Wellness Professionals
    • New Patient Referral Program
    • The In-Office Workshop
    • How to Deliver Successful Screenings
    • How to Book and Deliver Outside Lectures
    • The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings
    • Patient Policies
    • Additional Practice Building Services
    • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Analogies
    • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Glossary

Non-Profit Foundation

  • As a client, you may enroll in The Foundation for Wellness Professionals (FWP) for an application fee of only $995. This gives you a leather FWP portfolio, official certification as a member and listing on the national Wellness Speakers website which will help you into more locations to help you market your practice as long as you are a Singer client. You will also have access to numerous other tools that will virtually guarantee your acceptance into many different types of marketing locations and businesses.

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Dr. Olsheski

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Dr. Propper

Dr. Paterna

Dr. Poluki

Dr. Kastuk

Dr. Ray

Dr. Gatza

Dr. Schockley

Dr. Borgstrand

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