Christina Alexander is a Professional Chiropractic Assistant who has owned her own clinic and is an expert in the art of the Four Day Report of FindingsTM. Her specialty is personally closing people to pre-pay for corrective treatment plans of 75 visits or more. She has helped build several cash practices and has personally collected $15,000 in one day and was part of a team that collected $74,000 in one month.

The Four Day Report of Findings is the ultimate patient retention solution. Each agenda covers how to fully implement one of the four component parts of the Four Day Report of Findings in your practice. You will learn how to present health care packages to patients, how to schedule them for multiple visits and how to have them prepay cash for their entire programs. The Four Day Report of Findings is covered in four sections with each part dedicated to just one day of the Four Day Report.

Christina teaches the details of the Four Day Report of Findings. Each teleconference call is devoted to the proper use of the procedure to get the final result of each day that makes the procedure work. Find out exactly how to handle really difficult patients. Create patients so committed to care that they pay in advance for a year of care. Bring all the pieces together with this in-depth series of teleconference calls.

On top of the weekly teleconferences, Christina speaks at seminars on various topics like the 4 Day Report of Findings, Public Speaking, Corporate Wellness programs as well as any agenda specific topics.