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Dr. Ray

Dear Dr. Singer,

I wanted to share with you some successes that I have been having with your program. I have been working with one your coaches (Sue) and have been implementing what I learn at your seminars. And I have seen my practice increase by 250% in the past 8-10 months! I have been doing well with the outside marketing procedures, as well as the internal referral programs, which are very effective!

In the "Chiropractic Envoronment" of California, it had been somewhat of a struggle to build a practice, but with your training and the help of my coach, I have been able to overcome these obstacles and am very happy with the effects this has had for me and my family.

If there is anything I can do to help encourage other Chiropractors to use your services, please don't hesitate, as I truly believe your systems are effective, and will help anybody looking to expand their practice.

In health,

Dr. B.S. DC

Dear Dr. Singer,

I wanted to write and let you that things are going really great and I am very busy! I have been having a lot of success with your materials and with my coach. I really want to thank you and her for all your help and good cheer over the last year. Your counsel was excellent and very helpful and I have already recommended you to two of my colleagues who just joined DSE!

Even though things are different with me being a Naturopath, your materials definitely work and are awesome, as evidenced by the fact that I am having my best year ever, several times beating my previous records in practice. And I work only 6 hours a day, 4 days a week! In fact, right now I am booked out 2 1/2 weeks!

My front desk manager is attending the next agenda for me, so she can collect all of those Highest Ever certificates of achievement when she attends! It will be good for her to go up and receive them in front of everybody - and keep her motivated and excited (though she will downplay her excitement I'm sure).

I recently hired 2 more part time assistants - one clinical and one front desk, which has helped the office stress level and is keeping things running smoothly. I'm so busy its wonderful. I really enjoy it, am getting good results with a high quality of care. My patients are very happy and so am I.

Thanks again for everything! Have a great rest of the year!

Dr. E.B. ND

Dear Dr. Singer

The program delivers incredible results. Our practice quadrupled in five months. Incredible!

Dr. V.P., D.C.

Dear Dr. Singer,

Just did a fibromyalgia lecture at PF Changs. 15 people came to the program. I took one hour to go through start to finish. I literally read my own introduction that you told suggested. I read all the slides of the fibro power point, and I just read the close. At the end 10 people scheduled appointments and every one paid a $20 deposit. That's 10 out of 15. That ratio is the best I have ever done. I followed your program "to the T". Frigginn amazing! Just thought you would like to know this success!


Dear David,

Please forgive me; this letter has been long overdue.

Over the past two weeks I have personally come to the full realization as to the true gift that you have most generously given to me, as well as to the profound impact that you, in partnership with your outstanding team have had in directly affecting my life, the life of my family and the lives of each of my staff.

I am at a loss for words that completely convey the depth of gratitude that I owe you for all that you have given by providing me the structure, the vision, the skills, the mentorship together with your friendship that have literally transformed my life both professionally and personally.

In the few years that I have been under your guidance, I have seen my professional life completely transformed from one of anxiety, confusion, failure and hopelessness to one of joy, order, success and unlimited potential.

I now realize my sacred duty and privilege is to help positively transform the quality of the lives and health of the many patients, staff and friends that I am able to.

For all these gifts that you have given to me and with a special acknowledgement to Graham Payne, Liz Dawson, Mark Pope and all your staff, I humbly offer my sincere gratitude.

For the countless other lives that you continue to help positively change, thank you a million times.

Most sincerely,


Dear Dr. Singer

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and my practice. Just over 3 years ago I was trying to decide if I should stay in chiropractic or start over with something different. I called you as a last resort before filing bankruptcy.

Through implementing your program, going to seminars and being coached by Dr. Goodyear, my practice has grown by 500%!

When I started, I didn’t know what to do and was really skeptical of "practice management companies."
However, this program has truly saved my practice and my life as a chiropractor… The best part is that I absolutely love coming to work everyday and knowing that I am not only changing lives of my patients, but improving my community as well.

Thank you so very much,


Dr. Bupp

Dr. Olsheski

Dr. Lomartra

Dr. Propper

"I wanted to let you know that we had our most successful month for services and collections. Our services were $41,500.00 and our collections were $32,090.90. Not too bad for a town of 2,800 people. We have been with you for just 10 months now and we are really starting to roll. When we started with you, we were approximately 80-100 visits a week. For the last month, we have been between 180-195 visits a week.

"I would have to say there are a few things I attribute this growth to. One is the fact that you have given us the tools to properly communicate chiropractic in a simple yet convincing way. The latest primary script is awesome! Another factor in our growth is getting more consistent with our marketing programs. We now utilize 4-6 marketing strategies each month and stay consistent with them.

"David, thanks again and we will see you real soon in Chicago!"

    P.J.S. D.C

In March I joined the Singer Enterprises System because I had been getting plenty of new patients but could not hold on to them. They wouldn’t follow through with treatment. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn’t know what or how to find out.

Within the first month, my visits jumped from 320 up to 400 per month, with the same # of new patients. All I did was implement the 4 Day Report of Findings. After 8 months, my visits are nearing 600 per month, and again, only using the ROF.

Starting next month we are implementing outside lectures and the In Office Workshop and look forward to another big rise in practice numbers.

The Singer System has worked wonders and I have only used about 10% of all that is available.

The future looks bright!
    Dr. M.S., D.C.

I met Dr. David Singer at a 3 hour introductory lecture. At the time I was with another consulting firm, but things weren’t going very well for me. I was really struggling and I was actually starting to go out of practice after almost a year in. I started putting in things that he taught me just within those 3 hours and started noticing the practice was going up! And while I really liked the other consulting firm that I was with, and we still remain friends to this day, it just wasn’t the right fit for me any longer. So I bought out of my contract ahead of time (paying extra money to get out of the contract) and I signed up with David, and honestly I’ve never looked back.

In the few months we’ve been together, doing the DSE program, we’ve put in some of the steps that he teaches (they’re very simple, very easy to do) and my practice has actually quadrupled and it’s all cash!

We’re now helping lots of people, we’re on-purpose, we’re actually having fun and looking forward to going into work in the morning.

So if you find yourself in this sort of position, I am a living testimony that these things work. They’re easy to do, and as long as you’re willing. The things that Dr. Singer will teach you will help you put your practice in a place where it will grow. You’ll help more people, and ultimately you will achieve more happiness.

So give it a chance, let these things work for you too. There are so many different options. One of them will fit your personality and one of them will fit what you want to do, and the sky’s the limit.

    Dr. R D., D.C.
Henderson, NV

“I joined the Singer Program so that I could build a high quality practice consisting of thoroughly educated patients who pay my fee for treatment. Since joining the Singer Program many years ago, my statistics have increased consistently by 20% each year –in all areas. My retention average has reached a high of 60 visits!

“The seminars keep me motivated and razor sharp in all of the winning procedures from Dr. Singer that I utilize; otherwise my practice would decline. The Singer seminars create an energy for myself and my staff to keep practice fun and productive.”

Singer System Seminar Testimonials
  View a video clip of Dr. Ianniello
T.I., D.C.
Miller Place, NY

My practice needed help in recovering from a crash, so I joined the Singer Program. Since I made that decision, I don’t have to worry or stress over it anymore. I know what to do and I am always getting help performing it.

“Dr. Singer is constantly reworking and refining the methods, which stays on the pulse of what today’s D.C.s are up against. Without the Singer Program, my practice would be in a newspaper advertised for sale.”

Singer System Seminar Testimonials
  View a video clip of Dr. Julie Klarich
J. K., D.C.
Chicago, IL

“As a result of being a Singer client, my overhead is below 50% and I am doing about $500,000 in cash pre-pays per year. The Program gets better every year and expands as the market changes. The Singer Program is the best in the world at building an ethical, low stress, Chiropractic practice.”

D. M., D.C.
Mission Viejo, CA

“The Singer Program shows you how to organize your practice so that you can bring in referrals and new patients like never before. I have never experienced such ethical and powerful procedures – they are incredible!”

Singer System Seminar Testimonials
  View a video clip of Dr. Grunert
D. G., D.C.
Joliet, IL

“I wanted to increase my collections, patient visits and to improve my communication skills with white-collar patients. Within seven months, my patient visits have increased from 100 to 243! Dr. Singer keeps me on fire about Chiropractic!”

P.C, D.C.
Louisville, KY

“My stress has been reduced, my purpose is elevated, and my closing rate is at a high percentage. I’ve also improved results at screenings and lectures.”

Dr. D.M., D.C.

“I’ve been very impressed with David’s creative and effective New Patient Acquisition Techniques. Even before becoming a client, one of David’s office representatives trained me in 2 minutes how to schedule Trigger Point workshops at elementary schools. I was inspired so I spent 20 minutes on the phone and scheduled five events!”

Dr. G.W., D.C.


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